Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorry Chevron, you just got PWNED!

From Yahoo News:

New Chevron ‘We Agree’ ad campaign hijacked by anti-corporate tricksters

Hah, hah, hah!

Do be sure and check out the fake Chevron site right here:

Hey, if Chevron can make a fake Web site like The Amazon Post, in which one of the world's most notorious polluters masquerades as a concerned corporate citizen, why shouldn't the people who actually care about the rain forest make a fake Chevron site?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chevron's Toxic Waste Pits in Paradise

The good folks at Amazon Watch have posted a new video on their Chevrontoxico blog, giving you an up close and personal view of the toxic sludge pits which Texaco/Chevron intentionally created in the rain forest, sludge pits that were designed to pollute.

Don't watch this video if you don't want to feel disgust and outrage:

Chevron Toxic Waste Pit in Ecuador: Designed to Pollute

If you have a YouTube account, please "like" and "favorite" the video:

Watch on YouTube

And please share this video with folks on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and anywhere else.

The more we get the word out, the more weight of public opinion is brought to bear, the more Chevron will be forced to finally own up to what it's done.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Order Restored in Ecuador

One day after the violent coup attempt, I am relieved to learn that Ecuador's neighbors have reopened their borders and President Correa is firmly back in control of his country.

And as the following BBC article reveals...

...I'm not the only one who knew there was a lot more to this than cops rioting about a pay cut.


He alleged that the uprising was not just a dispute over benefits.

"There were lots of infiltrators, dressed as civilians, and we know where they were from," the president said.

"The people of Lucio Gutierrez were there, provoking, inciting to violence," he added, referring to the leader of the opposition Patriotic Society Party (PSP).

Who wants to bet Chevron Corporation is funneling money and ideas to Gutierrez's party? I'd be shocked if they weren't.