Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Lies and Law-Breaking from Chevron

Chevron, which is one of California's biggest polluters, is at this very moment using well-paid lobbyists to try and gain an exemption from state environmental laws for the rebuilding of its notorious Richmond refinery.

Listen to KQED radio's report on the situation right here:

Or read all about it at the San Jose Mercury News:

A highlight from the article:

"The courts have said, 'You didn't follow the law. You are going to be polluting communities a whole lot more than you are disclosing," said Tina Andolina, legislative director for the Planning and Conservation League, a Sacramento environmental group. "This company broke the law, and now they are coming to ask for an exemption to the law they broke."

Chevron's shills will inevitably be posting pro-Chevron comments on both of the pages I've linked to, so I encourage you to visit both pages and post your feelings about Chevron's criminality and the genocide in Ecuador.

Thank you.

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