Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don't Believe the Tripe

Hello, and welcome to Chevron Shills. I'm starting this blog as a resource to keep track of the various canned comments which Chevron's paid supporters are posting everywhere on the Web. They do this as part of Chevron's well-funded, ongoing campaign to control the conversation about their destruction of the Amazon rain forest and de facto murder of Ecuador's indigenous peoples.

Whenever this topic comes up on any public message board, forum, blog, news site, Twitter or Facebook page, it is inevitable that Chevron's shills come out of the woodwork, pretending to innocently offer an alternative view.

They're easy to spot, because they always hit the same talking points. When "Joe from Arkansas," "Betty in Des Moines," and "Larry in SF" are posting on three different message boards, and all three posts contain, verbatim, the words, "I saw the documentary Crude and was outraged by what I learned, but then I did some research and now I feel I've been duped..." well, it's pretty obvious that Joe, Betty, and Larry are all the same person, using different screen names to create the false impression that Chevron enjoys massive, grassroots support.

When you see examples of this sort of blatant, dishonest shilling, please submit links and/or screen shots to formerlyflightsuit at gmail dot com so they can be listed here. It is my hope that this blog will become a resource you can use when fighting the shills.

That way, the next time you see "Bertha in Big Bend" posing as a concerned citizen and spreading Chevron's propaganda, you'll be able to post a reply saying, "Gee, it's funny that you claim to be Bertha in Big Bend, spontaneously offering these thoughts just off the top of your head, because, according to the Chevron Shills blog, you have posted the exact same words under several different names on several different Web sites. Here's a link..."

Thank you, and...

¡Viva Ecuador!

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